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  • Baltimore Educational Article of the Month - What is Best Brand of Cage Trap?

What is Best Brand of Cage Trap?

Trapping is used many purposes like hunting, pests control, Baltimore wildlife supervision and trade of fur etc. It is a time taking, hardworking and expensive work which is become even more difficult these days due to many reasons and on the basis of research and legislation is being modernized day by day. Cage traps are used to catch live animals with the help of some sort of food within the cage like fish etc. Small traps are used to catch Maryland muskrats, squirrels, corves, etc while large cage traps are used to catch dangerous animals for transportation purposes etc.

As regards best brand of cage traps, it should offer some features like a strong and reliable material of which it is made of, auto locking, enough spacing for Maryland animal and food for trap, and easy to carriage. Duke standard cage traps offer a variety in this aspect as they attribute steel bar spring encumbered doors, pressure receptive trap instrument available in green powder coated finish so that animals got attracted towards it. For trappers and animal control experts it also offers another option of heavy duty cage traps which are facilitated with steel fishing rod gravity fall doors, bait protected cage mesh and internal steel rod frames. These are considered reliable and give less harm to caged Baltimore animal.

These multi-tasking cage traps are useful against animals like Armadillos, familial and wild cats, badgers, Baltimore chipmunks, squirrels, mink, mouse, and rats, opossums, porcupines, raccoons, rabbits, skunks, weasels, woodchucks, voles and Coyotes etc. The cage traps are also economical towards cost as their smallest size cage is available in US $ 10.00 whereas heavy model is available in nearly US $ 73.00. It is considered the best in America among cage traps and size ranges from 16” x 5” x 5” to 36” x 15” x 14” which trap animals from small Maryland squirrels to porcupines.

Another famous brand of cage trap is freedom brand which offer cage traps in four sizes; 9” x 9” x 24” for Maryland squirrels, rabbits, skunks, rats etc., 12”x12”x29” and 12”x14’x36” for raccoons, wood chucks etc. and 15”x18”x36” for big cats and other heavy animal etc. The price range for these cage traps is from US$ 40.00 to US $ 90.00. These are also refined with steel frames and are equally liked among home owners, fur and ADC trappers. These cage traps offer out-swing lock door system, trigger bar and chain system while these are also furnished with lock bait door system through which bait can easily be placed and removed. Cage trap carrying handle is slightly high to protect the hand from the trapped Baltimore animal while these traps are given dark brown shade which not only protects the body of cage trap but animals are also attracted towards it. For their reliability these cage traps are also fabricated with steel pan system therefore get a lot of appraisal from all sorts of trappers.

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