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  • Baltimore Educational Article of the Month - How to get Skunk Out from Under a Shed or Porch

How to get Skunk Out from Under a Shed or Porch

Skunks: If you are having a hard time eradicating skunks out of your porch, then you have come to the right place. Skunks are known for their notorious smell which comes from their anal scent glands. These odious animals use their ability as a defensive mechanism against their predators. This article will provide you means to resolve your skunk problems in the most effective way.

Manage your waste properly: It is important that you have a proper waste management. Skunks can survive on human waste. They are scavengers that dwell on your garbage. Hence, it is a must to have sealed garbage cans or bins. If you can segregate them properly, then that would be even better.

  • Provide two separate bins for biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes in a shed. This will help you maintain a clean backyard which will help you avoid scavengers.
  • Cover the trash bins. Skunks usually eat composting waste like rotten vegetables and fruits hence, it is advisable that you have a locked garbage bin.
Close your porches and other open areas: Skunks have the habit of creating their homes under sheltered areas. They like hiding around especially in your garden or under porch. Porches, especially those made of wood, are very much appealing to skunks. Keeping your property closed will prevent skunks from dwelling in your area.
  • Put up fences around your garden to prevent Baltimore skunks from having the opportunity to roam around. In addition, you should cut and trim down large bushes where skunks usually hide.
  • Skunks are highly active at night, that is why it is advisable if you close any open doors at night to keep them away.
  • Put up lights and an alarm or noise maker to scare skunks. This will make the area unattractive for skunks. If you can install motion-sprinklers around your garden then this would be a better solution.
Use repellants: If you have no other options to keep the skunks away, the best way is to use mild repellants to scare them. Place the repellants inside and around the edges of the den where you suspect them to be. You can also choose to put these repellants in the areas where you most likely suspect to be the next target of the skunks. It is a good strategy to maintain putting these repellants in a daily basis for a week or so, to train the skunks to avoid these areas.
  • You can use natural repellants like oranges. Skunks do not like the smell of oranges. Spread the citrus peel around the area of the den to keep them away. Repellants with an orange scent or any citrus scent are also effective and are available for purchase.
  • If oranges are not enough to keep skunks away from your yard, you can also use a predator urine. You can use a dog urine or a fox urine, whichever is available. If you can collect dog urine, spray them around your garden to keep skunks out of your fences. If you are not lucky enough to collect dog urine, you can buy them at a hardware store.
  • The most common repellants are kitty litter and pepper sprays. You can also use homemade capsaicin or castor oil repellents although there are also sold in the market.
Remove the food source of the skunks: Skunks stay long-term at a place where they have enough source of food to get them through the day. Taking their food source will solve your skunk problems.
  • If you have a pet, feed your pet indoors to avoid attracting Maryland skunks with the pet food. You can also feed your pet outside, but make sure that you immediately clean the area after feeding. Do not also put the pet food outside, instead store them in a safer place where it is properly covered.
  • Remove compost piles in your garbage. Make sure that you remove the compost garbage out of your yard now and then to keep skunks from coming.
  • If you have fruit-bearing plants or trees, it is best that you cover your garden with a protective net or glass. If you cannot cover them, remove them to get rid of skunks.
Set traps: Skunks are quite difficult to scare away. The best way is to set a trap in your yard that would enclosed them and will not let them escape. Since skunks have the tendency to come back, you can make your own trap or buy a skunk trap. Buy traps that are made for catching animals similar to skunks like raccoons.

Ask help from an expert: If you have ran out of ideas and ways to remove skunks from your property, then ask help from an animal expert. It is expected that professionals have enough knowledge and skills regarding skunks. They will also have tools and traps that will make it easier for you to get rid of skunks immediately.

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